What we do

As Jordan's first B2B Medical and Cosmetic Savings Plan and Scheduling platform provider, Limitless is dedicated to serving its subscribers with the greatest savings on medical care.

With Limitless, we offer your employees up to 50% off medical and cosmetic treatment, interest-free and flexible payment plans, and an easy-to-use, sophisticated scheduling platform to simplify medical and cosmetic treatment visits. So, you can guarantee your employees are getting the best medical and cosmetic treatment and care and are protected from Day 1.

Subscribing with us means you are assured all services we offer are available to you whenever you need it, from the moment you receive your membership. No waiting, no claims and absolutely no limits.

The best part is that we are not like any traditional company, we provide annual subscription programs that offer medical treatment services at a reduced rate that include cosmetic services. Limitless aims to target the obstacles faced with traditional insurance and give you added benefits.

Our biggest advantage is that we offer discounted cosmetic services with interest-free payment plans. We guarantee payment plans at the price of service including discounts. No additional charges, fees, or interest for any treatments that are difficult to pay in one lump sum.

Unlike traditional platforms, we guarantee high-end services from the best clinics in the country, by carefully selecting, evaluating, and reviewing the medical professionals offered to our users through the platform. Our platform contains all the details on your plan and our medical experts to make your appointments hassle-free. You can also check your past treatments and medical history.

As a bonus, our services can be purchased alongside traditional insurance to protect you from treatments that are not covered under your current policy, or when you have exceeded your limits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower you with the knowledge you need, encourage you to pursue your medical needs without worry. We are also Limitless Lab, Limitless Dental Implants, Limitless Clinic, and much more! We ensure high standards, high-quality services. We create reliable and mutual business relationships with customers in all sectors and offer services at the best prices and immediate service-delivery time.

Our Mission

To focus on your needs, supply you with all medical requirements, support confidence in your doctor’s visits, eliminate the concern off pricy procedures, and encourage cosmetic services.

Our Goals

Our goals are to guarantee the top doctors and clinics in the country, while offering services at affordable price levels with hassle-free payment plans on a sophisticated platform for discovering dentists and scheduling appointments.

Meet the team

Our team is exceptionally skilled to help provide you with the top services any time you like. Our customer service team is available to speak with about your experience. They are strongly committed to ethical standards and strictly follow and implement them to deliver reliable, hassle-free, and incredible services. Get to know them or contact them for all kinds of inquiries below, or suggestions you may have regarding any of our services.

Our Team

Our Team Of Professionals

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